Voice Origination

VoiceTel offers local inbound phone service at exceptionally low monthly and per minute rates. We provide businesses and individuals access to a nationwide footprint covering most of the U.S. population.

  • 14,000+ rate centers serve up phone numbers (DIDs) from virtually anywhere
  • Quickly transfer or port existing phone numbers
  • Automatic CNAM, Directory Listing, e911, and LIDB *

Voice Termination

Substantially lower your telecommunications costs and improve your quality of service with our IP enhanced outbound phone service.

  • Programmable caller ID and automatic number identification (ANI)
  • Intelligent routing and direct carrier peering
  • International Call Control Management


Send and receive SMS & MMS Messages from your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Instantly enable SMS & MMS in our Control Panel
  • Interconnection to most mobile networks
  • RESTful API Access

Hosted PBX

Our hosted PBX service lives in the cloud and is offered as an all-inclusive IaaS. We provide reliable, enterprise grade, feature rich PBX services without the enterprise cost.

  • Operator Panel
  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Call Monitoring

Common Features

Available for most voice services.

Proactive Security

We incorporate real-time proactive security to entirely mitigate or substantially limit potental theft of services.


We visualize raw data graphically for the discovery of meaningful call patterns so you can predict, and improve business performance.

Resilient Network

We've engineered a fully fault tolerant and geographically diverse IP telecommunications infrastructure.


We've produced a RESTful API to seamlessly and efficiently remotely access our services.

Our Legacy & Reputation

We're committed to the delivery of superior quality, highly resilient, and fault tolerant IP-based voice services. We realize our success relies heavily on the success of our greatest assets.

Let's Try It!

Signup for a live account with a free trial credit in seconds. Make calls after completing three simple steps!


  • 1

    Register your account

    Enter your full name and email address into the form.

  • 2

    Verify your new account

    We'll email you instructions on activating your newly generated account. It's a straight forward process if you have a U.S. mobile phone.

  • 3

    Register your device

    We provide custom generated configurations for most commonly used systems. You can simply copy and paste the configurations into your system, device, or soft-phone.